cloth diapers

  1. M

    Best Cloth Diaper without Weeping

    I keep having more chafing issues than I'd like with my plastic backed diapers since I often can't get a change for almost 10 hours or more. Too small of an office to easily change (trash can is small and other employees can hear noise from bathroom). Also heat in the south isn't fun in a...
  2. Maia

    Brain dump

    Hello gentlepeople, I thought I’d write down a couple of things that I figured out over time trying to manage the flooding waterworks. Most is related to plastic pants and cloth diapers. I’ve always been fully urinary incontinent because of a congenital issue, and have never found anything...
  3. woodenpotty

    It's not easy being green

    I rather new here and perhaps I'm posting to soothe my conscience. I feel I need to urge DLs to use cloth. While I know there is a place for disposables the ecological impact is had to ignore. Even when out for short periods, use a diaper bag or equivalent. If one starts in their twenties...
  4. G

    IN a Binge period

    For several months now I have been unable to participate in indulging in what draws us to this site, for a variety of reasons. Primarily it's been the result of lack of alone time in the house, and since I'm 'in the closet' with my diaper wearing,math at is critical to me. Now things have gone...
  5. Dolphin

    Has anyone tried out these cloth diapers from etsy?

    Hi, I was looking around on Etsy and found a seller who makes cloth diapers for babies and adults. Has anyone here tried them out? If so, how do they compare to other cloth diapers. She has training pants, wool covers, fitteds, AIO and pockets (snap and Velcro), etc all in adult sizes. She even...
  6. PaddedBrony

    The Winds of Change

    I've been ABDL for years now. Despite a handful of moments where it's caused me grief, I've enjoyed it a lot otherwise. Now, my diaper of choice has always been disposable. I was brought up a Huggies kid, with diapers, Pull Ups and Goodnites. The whole enchilada. Disposables are also what...
  7. G

    My life, my love, my ABDL.

    I am 60 plus years old and have been living with my ABDL thoughts and fetishes since my adolescence. It is a difficult concept to accept for myself, but I am learning. This site has been a great to me in accepting who I am. Most of my life I have been very secretive about this habit...
  8. ChooChoo69

    Designer cloth diapers

    Here is a cheap way to add some real baby theme cloth diapers to your stash. Pick up some cotton infant receiving blankets at your local thrift store. You will find designs of cute animals, cars, baby blocks, etc. Most of them are the right size to fold into a diaper using several layers.
  9. MatalicPebble

    Vote; Do you wear disposable or cloth diapers?

    I am making this poll because I am curious as to if disposable diapers dominate the forum. I use primarily AIO's my self. I am also slowly learning how to sew them and other AB/DL cloths. (Just for those who did not know) I prefer cloth diapers because I cant stand the crinkle and the feeling...
  10. L

    Cloth Diapers Leak Badly

    I have heard that cloth diapers and plastic pants are better than disposable when it comes to leakage, but whenever I wear them they leak! Am I doing something wrong?
  11. santa22

    MLP cloth diapers?

    was searching mlp diapers and this came up.
  12. xtrabulk

    DIY Diaper Pail for Cat Owners

    Hi there, I've been looking for a cheap diaper pail, and have found one for kinda free! We have cats, and the wife came home with that light litter. It was a huge bucket thing. Well, the container has an air tight hinged lid, and it works great as a wet pail. Half full of water it can hold 1...