cloth diaper

  1. inconsurferdude

    How practical are cloth diapers for daytime use?

    I'm going to search through the forums after posting this, but I thought I'd start a new thread with my specific questions. Basically I'm thinking about switching to cloth diapers for daytime use, I'm just not sure if that would be practical or not. I currently wear plastic-backed disposables...
  2. smolandspooky

    advice for cloth diapers?

    Hey all! Im trying to switch to cloth diapers as buying disposables is not in my budget. Ive ordered some online (Sigzagor to be exact, a pocket diaper with a PUL cover) where you stuff them with inserts. Ive also ordered some microfiber inserts to start off with. Does anyone here have advice or...
  3. T

    pullup waterproof cloth diapers for swimming

    does anyone know where i can get what the title says that also fits a 29 1/2 - 30 in waist
  4. th21

    Need help finding cloth diapers + covers

    So recently I stumbled across this clip: no worries theres no nudity or something in there. I'm absolutely fascinated by the cloth diapers and covers, but I am unable to find them anywhere. Does anyone here know...
  5. ben10hnt

    Cloth vs Disposable Diapers

    I've always had passion for wearing diapers, but it is only recently that I actually start wearing. While browsing the online shopping sites, I realised that they also have cloth diapers for adults. So far, I have never tried one. I have only been wearing disposable ones. are cloth diaper as...
  6. Angellothefox

    Instructions on how to make a ABDL cloth diaper

    so I came across this link on furaffinity and it shows you how to make a cloth diaper. This was done by a babyfur by the name of Kota. so all prise and credit goes to them. Kota's Cloth diaper tutorial
  7. michaelmc

    Terry nappy challenge

    I looked up how to do an old fashiond nappy using terry towel nappy,i then used a terry towel and made one pinned it on put on my plastic pants, it was cumfortable and held a suprising amount of pee. The terry nappy i challenge you to try it!:biggrin:
  8. Dolphin

    Has anyone tried out these cloth diapers from etsy?

    Hi, I was looking around on Etsy and found a seller who makes cloth diapers for babies and adults. Has anyone here tried them out? If so, how do they compare to other cloth diapers. She has training pants, wool covers, fitteds, AIO and pockets (snap and Velcro), etc all in adult sizes. She even...
  9. PaddedBrony

    The Winds of Change

    I've been ABDL for years now. Despite a handful of moments where it's caused me grief, I've enjoyed it a lot otherwise. Now, my diaper of choice has always been disposable. I was brought up a Huggies kid, with diapers, Pull Ups and Goodnites. The whole enchilada. Disposables are also what...
  10. BabyKai

    Cloth diapers or disposable diapers?

    I've been considering using cloth diapers but I need some help. I'm still waiting for my doctor to assess my incontincence so I don't get any "free" diapers on prescription so my mum buys them and it's costing over £40 a month. Because of this, I'm really thinking about using cloth diapers to...
  11. W

    How to make a towel into a cloth diaper

    Does anyone know how to fold one so it would go around the waist like a cloth diaper? it doesnt have to be able to be used just to fold like a cloth diaper and maybe feel thick
  12. D

    My first ever Accident

    Last night i had my first ever accident :( but fortunanly i was saved by my CLOTH diaper, sadly this is a diaper i only use for comfort and thickness over my plastic plants.... it was during the night, and i woke up with a wet diaper, it took a while to realize i only had my cloth diaper on...
  13. P

    Cloth diapers for bedwetting

    Does anyone have any recommendations on cheap cloth diapers? Bedwetting is on a daily basis (even during naps) and its getting kinda pricy. I'm leaning towards AiO diapers since the plastic covers would get uncomfortably hot at night. Has anyone used AiO diapers for this situation before? how...
  14. Dolphin

    Cloth diapering in the 1950's

    Short documentary on cloth diapering in the 50's. Does this bring back memories to anyone?
  15. H

    Cuddlz cloth diaper

    I'm thinking about getting the cuddlz cloth diaper however it says i need to hand wash it cool and hang it to dry. Does it really matter if i do a cold machine wash and hang it to dry? If not am what are the steps to hand washing one of these? Thanks for any advice in advance :D
  16. B

    hi dare, babyfur here

    im new lookin to get a aio cloth dependeco diaper but is there any cloth diaper that is simular looks? i hope to beable to wear it over my fursuit for innocent photos, and use it only for wets.
  17. WearingClouds

    New Cloth Diaper!

    I just got my first cloth diaper! It is the babyland adjustable blue diaper. I bought 6 soaker pads to go with it. I have never felt more secure and comfy! Now to wet this thing like the hoover dam just broke!
  18. xtrabulk

    Mom wins my diaper fetish

    So 1.5 weeks ago, I had a bit of a pill related relapse. I talked to Mom about it, and she said she wished she were here to hug me. Anyway... If you've read my previous posts, you may remember that when I was 19, my mom asked me about little pieces of blu plastic laying around the house. And...
  19. xtrabulk

    My Plastic Pants Stink!

    Hi All, Say, my Gary vinyl pants stink a bit. I always wash them after wearing with Castille soap, but they have a lingering odor of urine. Any fixes for this?
  20. TeddyHugs

    Cloth Diapers Without Plastic Pants?

    I have two cloth My First Training Pants and one extra thick velcro cloth diaper from Baby Pants. I really want to be able to wear the training pants when I'm out and about, but I can't wear plastic pants. Aside from the fact that they limit movement and tear somewhat easily, the legs are always...