cloth diaper insert

  1. Lunamoon

    what are the best inserts for adult pocket diapers?

    The title says it all I know is microfiber sucks for absorbency, because every time I sit down stuff squishes out. I was also wondering what is the maximum absorbency you can get out of cloth diapers?
  2. Inneedofcuddles

    How many inserts do you need for a pocket diaper

    I want a pocket diaper but I’m not sure how many inserts to buy These are the inserts I will be using and if I don’t want to wet or mess should i still wash before use does washing make them thicker or more comfy?
  3. smolandspooky

    advice for cloth diapers?

    Hey all! Im trying to switch to cloth diapers as buying disposables is not in my budget. Ive ordered some online (Sigzagor to be exact, a pocket diaper with a PUL cover) where you stuff them with inserts. Ive also ordered some microfiber inserts to start off with. Does anyone here have advice or...
  4. neaendr

    Advices and information needed about polyester, microfiber and bamboo insert :V pls

    Hello everyone! I'm indecisive about cloth diaper materials, and hearing some advice and informations from cloth users could be a great help! Thanks in advance :) After discovering cloth diaper month ago,(and going back to disposables for now). I would like to retry them for night wearing. I...