1. KittyninjaW

    How do you close threads on adisc

    Hey, I was wondering how do you close threads you started, thanks.
  2. SillySwampert

    A...close call?

    I've been left worried but mostly confused after a close call with my dad nearly finding out about my AB/DL side. I had been working on a new Pokémon drawing on my computer when my dad came home. I opened up my browser to mask what I had been doing, and my dad asked if he could do some quick...
  3. bvb123

    A Close Call!

    So I got home last night and to my surprise my parents had re-arranged and tidied my room for me! However my mom decided to say to me "We've been in your room and we've found some things that we're concerned about". For a moment my blood froze as I thought she had found my paci stash that I...
  4. Dolphins2011

    My Friends Answered the Delivery for my Diapers!

    Ok, so recently I moved out of my dad's house and got my own 1 bedroom apartment. It's been pretty chill and all, and I knew ordering diapers would be easier than ever. I ordered a pack of Abri-form M3 (why get M4 when there's only 14 in the pack vs 22 in M3?) from XP medical. I must say, XP...