close call

  1. bvb123

    A Close Call!

    So I got home last night and to my surprise my parents had re-arranged and tidied my room for me! However my mom decided to say to me "We've been in your room and we've found some things that we're concerned about". For a moment my blood froze as I thought she had found my paci stash that I...
  2. SuperTed

    Unexpected close call!

    So luckily for me me wife knows about my ABDL side and is supportive. I run a small ABDL business from home which my wife helps me with. Yesterday I received a big order from my manufacturer of over 100 snap crotch onesies in four different colours/prints. I had unpackaged the order and laid...
  3. MsquareDL

    an almost close call

    If you're like me, moving around from place to place (due to CFS (foster care)) you know what it's like to have to adjust to "new terrain" figuring out those "special spots" and what not. I've recently moved again and have been slipping up but nothing to bad. The other day I thought I would...