1. Angellothefox

    My new pacifier at I bought 29/12/16

    Here is the Pacifier that I bought not so long back on 29/12/16 unless you are reading some old threads then it was a long time or last year or a few years or milliniom ago.:biggrin: I got this from Pound Land where everything Apart from items that are on specile offer are :paci:
  2. nightfox320

    A Fire Performers Paci

    So if yall didn't know I'm poi addict. I picked up spinning during high school and I have had a blast ever since. As a result I have gobs of extra poi parts laying around. My biggest problem with my paci is when I loose it in the morning. Not only is it a pain to search for but since I live in...
  3. BabyMitchy

    Where can I get a custom pacifier clip made/embroidered?

    I've been doing some searching... the baby ones that are personalized are all just a joke because you have to take a marker and write the name in... I am looking for a custom pacifier holder with clip and I want it to have Babymitchy on it. Not sure what I want or need the rest of the clip to...