1. Maia

    Brain dump

    Hello gentlepeople, I thought I’d write down a couple of things that I figured out over time trying to manage the flooding waterworks. Most is related to plastic pants and cloth diapers. I’ve always been fully urinary incontinent because of a congenital issue, and have never found anything...
  2. MatalicPebble

    AIO cloth diaper question

    .....I have been wearing cloth diapers for a while now and learned a lot. Particularly how to wash them. I noticed how its better to pre-soak them to prevent oder stains. I also am looking into sewing my own generally because I can't always afford buying new ones when they wear out. It is a lot...
  3. xtrabulk

    My Plastic Pants Stink!

    Hi All, Say, my Gary vinyl pants stink a bit. I always wash them after wearing with Castille soap, but they have a lingering odor of urine. Any fixes for this?
  4. D


    What is the best way to clean a baby bottle? (I dont have a bottle brush) and how should I dry them?
  5. 010Daniel010

    An interesting idea...

    I've been meaning to post this here for awhile, but I just never got around to it. I thought this idea was a great way to clean up after you've changed out of a messy diaper before going into the shower. It won't really work unless you already have the item, because buying one otherwise is a...