clean up

  1. Cthulhu

    Is shaving back there a good idea?

    I will be home alone for a week starting tomorrow (first time wearing in 5 months!), so i will be wearing every night and as much as possible during the days. It's impossible for me to clean up after #2 without taking a shower, because of the hair back there. I've thought about shaving, but i'm...
  2. Bear85

    Laser hair removal

    So I decided to book in to have a consultation for laser hair removal (tomorrow) and they said they can start the treatment that day if all is well.... but I thought I'd ask if anyone else has had this experience or know someone that has? apologies if TMI but I'm looking at getting my anus...
  3. D

    Nappy Area

    Do people have any tips for keeping your nappy area clean and how to stop rash/chaffing? atm i have powder and cream, but i was wondering if there might be something better like petroleum jelly or something?
  4. Fenrierlilfolf

    A reminder of being careful when you load the washing machine

    Today I put a fill load on the washing machine, and a few minutes later I came back to set it to centrifugate but oh surprise.... The clothing was full of SAP and small pieces of a paper like thing, I panicked and started to frantically clean everything up (just for the record, it was not wet or...