1. K

    *Waves and wags* Hi everyone!

    1. HAI! Hello world! I'm an uber-geeky college student currently studying network engineering and information security. I'm in my final few trimesters and l can practically see the finish line! I'd be graduating this year but I lost a few credits because I transferred colleges... twice. No...
  2. wwetbed

    Koolest cities for going to college as a AB/D: (undergrad/ grad school, etc)

    I Just thought this might be a fun thread! I live just above New York City, and despite being the biggest city in the state and the country, and all that NYC offers, it' s NOT the best place to go to college for a AB/DL. What city (that you have lived in) would you recommend thats "AB/DL...
  3. leicesterfan

    I don't know what to buy!

    Hi guys, I recently bought a pack of Depend Pants for Women which are pull-ups and only hold about one wetting. I am quite disappointed at this because I would at least like to get two wettings out of a nappy. So heres my question: I live in a large city with most major chemist retailers...
  4. Pramrider

    Dumb State, County, and City/Town Laws

    :laugh:If you like a good laugh, just select your state and enjoy!:D Whole time I was growing up in Baltimore I never knew it was against a city ordinance to take a lion to the movies. Apparently, not even if it's an MGM production.:rolleyes: Dumb Laws in Maryland. Crazy Maryland Laws. We have...