1. Consul

    ABDL/Little Christmas Activities?

    Just curious: as part of my holidays, to thoroughly de-stress and have some fun, I created a special day for myself and my partner to do Little things and Christmas-themed activities earlier this December. Some highlights include cutting paper snowflakes and watching a Thomas the train version...
  2. Pika123

    How was everyone’s Christmas?

    Hello everyone! I haven’t been on Adisc since before Christmas so not sure if this thread has already been started, but anyway how did everyone’s Christmas go? I woke up and got changed into my onesie and a day time diaper. I needed to poop so I filled my diaper and my partner didn’t mind me...
  3. nightfox320

    Christmas’s Eve Eve Y’all!!

    So tonight is Christmas Eve Eve, I hope everyone is doing well. I’m currently snuggled up on the couch at my parents place with my plush Jake enjoying the company of family and a Christmas movie. Though I’m not padded or acting little simply snuggling here and enjoy Christmas makes me feel happy...
  4. nightfox320

    How's Your "little" Christmas Going

    So yall its once again that time of year. The time of year when family gets together, Christmas lights are strung in evry tree, and hopefully everone is full of joy an happiness. Now I know this time of year means family is all around or work and the holidays keep us busy. However, I was...
  5. KittyninjaW

    A mixed bag of news

    Hello everyone, Well first off I have good news! I finally got through this semester And my bro has finally started to become better due to some med changes and a new Physiological evaluation, Albeit still annoying and is going to the military in 2018! Also my dad has started to contact my...
  6. Gsmax

    What did you get last Christmas?

    I've been thinking about Christmas, trying to see what possible I'd want as a present that'd be reasonable (people complain that I'm a pain in the ass to shop for). Part of me doesn't want to just have a random gift for the sole purpose of just having a gift to open on Christmas. I tried...
  7. SallyJayy

    Early Christmas Present

    When my baby was young he had a stuffed animal dog. As he got older his family made fun of him because he had a stuffed animal so he threw it away. The other day he brought that up to me so since he's been a good boy mommy got him a replica of his childhood toy. Little boys should always be...
  8. Angellothefox

    What are you wishing for Christmas

    I was just wondering what everyone is wishing for XMAS?
  9. D

    Xmas Gifts

    What was your fave gift received from past Christmases? (Christmasi?) Mine would be my PS2 or my BMX. Both were lovely xD
  10. TypicalFloof

    Christmas - Perfect Opportunity?

    The holiday season is my favorite time of year, as I'm sure it is for a lot of you. It's getting to that time to start Christmas shopping (yes, I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet but bear with me). While I've rarely done this, ordering Christmas gifts online is easy and convenient. That got...
  11. A

    Diapered on Christmas Eve for the first time.

    Hey every I am going to sleep in a diaper on Christmas Eve for the first time ever, to make this event even cooler or whatever, I'd like you guys/girls to suggest what I should write on the front and back of my diaper aswell I would like it to be girlish if you guys don't mind thanks everyone...
  12. xtrabulk

    Song in yor head while diapering/getting diapered?

    I'm starting to think I'm more than a tad OCD here. Does anyone else have a song they sing or hum to themselves while getting/getting ready to be diapered? My wife recently pointed out that I quietly hum Christmas carols (specifically the one about Donning we now our gay apparel) when getting my...
  13. W

    Abdl Christmas gifts

    So this post is kinda similar to the "Christmas money" thread, but did anyone get any Abdl related gifts for Christmas? I got a super cute teddy from my wonderful gf. It was really amazing :) .
  14. Mukksa

    Merry Christmas everyone! :D

    Well I stayed at my uncle's house for Christmas with my dad and family and we had a great time! What did you guys do on Christmas Eve? I can't wait to see what sandy claws got me this year!
  15. M

    North Dakota Christmas

    I am working and stuck at school for a couple weeks over break, i will be on all day over those weeks [Removed].
  16. Sitherus

    Christmas Plans

    What do you have planned for Christmas this year "2012"? "Me, I've got plans to go to New York." I will be heading there on the 13th and will be staying there till the ball drops. Ill be staying there with family and be enjoying my time there." How bout any of you?
  17. FievelandTonyAB93

    I'm afraid I cannot spend my birthday in diapers or even babyish clothing.

    My birthday is coming up this Saturday and I'm already finishing off my first semester in college. So that means I cannot rely on getting more diapers and/or even buy babyish clothing like a pair of footed pajamas or a pacifier until sometime after my birthday. I just don't have enough time for...
  18. ScoobyDooKiddo

    Help with Crafty Ideas making a Xmas present for a girlfriend

    Dear ADISC I need your help!!! Trying to do something outside the normal. I'm trying to create, build, craft a present to my girlfriend for chirstmas. I understand the whole buying craze that everyone is into dont get me wrong. Honestly I would like to give something to her that came from the...
  19. FievelandTonyAB93

    Any VHS fans here?

    Aw yes! The VHS! The very nostalgic piece of memory for the masses across the world. VHS is still sold in stores in the form of blank tapes, and it is still a major method of recording footage from the television. How many of you guys other than me still hold on to your VHS collection or...
  20. TheNewNo2

    Christmas greetings

    After a good natured argument with a friend, I would like to ask you all: What is your preferred Christmas greeting? The argument was over Merry or Happy Christmas, but it occurs to me there are so many more possibilities. So... which is yours?