christmas presents

  1. Gsmax

    What did you get last Christmas?

    I've been thinking about Christmas, trying to see what possible I'd want as a present that'd be reasonable (people complain that I'm a pain in the ass to shop for). Part of me doesn't want to just have a random gift for the sole purpose of just having a gift to open on Christmas. I tried...
  2. SallyJayy

    Ideas For Christmas Presents🎁

    My boyfriend is a little and I was wondering what I could get his little side for christmas..I know he likes toys but have no idea what kind to get.I would like to hear some little opinions on what a mommy should get for her baby.
  3. Littleabgirl

    Did you get any AB presents for Christmas?

    As the title says, did anyone else get any AB/DL presents for christmas? I got a lovely new pink dummy and a comfy fuzzy blue onesie with bumblebee's on it from daddy. He's so awesome ^-^