1. D

    Choosing a Cloth Diaper

    Hey everyone. I'm getting ready to order some cloth diapers for my self. I read the article on Cloth diapers and it was very informative. But I want some opinions on who I should order from, which are best Etc. The article gave me some facts so now I'm just looking for a few opinions from the...
  2. B

    need some help choosing for the first time

    Okay, I allready decided that I'm going to buy my first pack of diapers. the first problem is that I'm not sure what to buy, pull-ups or diaper, which ones feel greater? i have 31 size waist and weight about 66 kg. the brands that i can easily get on the supermarket are: pull-ups, goodnites...
  3. Pramrider

    What Do You Look For Most In a Diaper?

    For active users, of course you want a good fit and absorbency you can have confidence in to not have leaks. Others, who just like the feel of wearing, but not interested that much in using them could look for something else when picking a diaper brand. Then there's also preferences in...