1. Mariofan64

    New diaper brand!

    Soooo, apparently these are only in China at the moment and they’re available in varying thickness and in Cloth or plastic. The brand is called “neva”. Just thought I’d share this info..
  2. captainpollution

    Manufacturing locations/companies of ABDL diapers

    I know that TENA diapers are made in USA and Europe and Attends are made in the USA, Molicare in Germany, Abena in Sweden and Assure is made in China. Does anyone know where Wellness Briefs, Tranquility, Dry 24/7 or Bambino diapers are manufactured? Furthermore, where does ABU get their custom...
  3. A

    Question on diapers in China

    Nobody ever really said in "Diapers in China?" where you could actually obtain them in the country. I was wondering if anyone knows where in Shanghai they can be found. Thanks!
  4. forward

    Diapers in China?

    Hi everyone, I'm taking a vacation to China next month, and I want to use my two weeks there to try out some interesting new diapers. I know people have mentioned several Chinese diapers here before, including Dr. P (I love the name!) and Elderjoy. For those of you who have been to China, I'm...