1. M

    Help me my children are wear diapers because of me

    I told my children that I like to wear diapers when thay where 13 it 4 months after that and I have just found out that thay have been a ab/dl sense I told them. What do I do?
  2. D

    Finished A Single Step Backwards

    Quick edit: before I forget, I have to introduce this story a bit. Ahem... I've written a few stories before. I've posted some of them anonymously or under pseudonyms. I generally got good feedback on how to improve, and not a lot about what worked well. Suffice to say, they weren't very...
  3. F

    diapers for children

    for the sims 2 can somebody create diapers for children?
  4. FluffyFluffers

    AB parent question survey?

    How would you feel about your child buying diapers and "stuff"? Would you prefer they did it on the internet or IRL?
  5. Pramrider

    Avatars Sending Mixed Signals?

    Something crossed my mind today after what went down with MFH. I know the rules currently do not permit crotch shots of diapers. In the light of what happened recently, do you think pictures or drawings of younger children in diapers as avatars could somehow send mixed signals to...