1. DavyBoy

    Hello world

    Hello, my name is David, I'm 22 y.o. I'm working as Software Developer in Saint-Petersburg, Russia I speak Russian, English and Norwegian. And I am addicted to be an Adult Baby since 13y.o. My childhood was broken. My parents was non-employed cruel bastards, so my life was hard, poor and...
  2. A

    ABDL fetish and Childhood trauma

    I'm new here because I am somewhat ashamed of my fetish. I am 20 and I have been interested in wearing diapers since I was 5. I repressed it until I was 16 when I had a severe mental breakdown caused by stress brought on by my parents. It grew and manifested into me fully regressing at night and...
  3. michaelmc

    Whats your favourit sweeties

    Im sat eating my way through 6 Cadbury cream eggs my favourit chocy!!! whats your favourite sweeties?:smile1: Its also my childhood favourite! well that and Wagon wheels!,Dolly mixtures,liquorish Allsorts,Terry chocolate Orange.............
  4. SparkleBunny

    Do you keep old toys or items you find around your house?

    Like, at your parent's house (if you've moved out). Do you find old stuff and keep it? I found and kept my plastic crayon box I had in preschool. I have coloring books so I'd need it anyway. Trying to find my one baby bunny that squeaks though.
  5. Argent

    Kolibri Comslip

    Not often I rave about a diaper/nappy but OMG Kolibri Comslip are the most absorbent and reliable diaper I have ever tried. Pure white crinkly plastic, elastic on the back, leakage guards, thick and they SWELL UP and retain like you would actually want a diaper to. For me they were extremely...
  6. SicartheaSpikefan

    Random things you've noticed, or think you've noticed about the ABDL community

    Lots of people have mommys Lots of people watch MLP Lots of people had a bad childhood OR had something bad happen in their childhood. Lots of people had many accidents in their childhoods Lots of people had to wear diapers as punishment These are some things I have noticed, are they true for...
  7. Snaps

    Losing a Plushie

    Hiya All! So i found this tonight.... Just thought that was an amazing story. :3 Now, i don't think i've ever lost a plushie. I've had them taken away from me though! I used to have a teddy bear called "Beazly" (Beez-lee)...