1. XLdiapers

    NEW Dollar General size 7 diapers found!

    I just discovered a Dollar General in PA that has the size 7 in their baby diaper lineup. It si a nice find. I know that they are not available at all DG locations. I was on a drive through a town about 2 hours from me and found the size 7. The DG store was right in the middle of a town that...
  2. XLdiapers

    Store Brand size 7 Diapers

    It would be nice to see a list of store brand size 7 baby diapers. Could you check your local supermarkets and see if they have a size 7 in their store brand diapers? Lets see how complete we can make this list.
  3. foxytiger

    The Wanted Child (NO MEAN COMMENTS PLEASE)

    INTRODUCTION: Matthew was a well-respected lawyer in the state of Maine. Living with his newly-wedded wife Kaitlyn who was a well-paid geneticist, they both wanted one thing; to have a baby and start a family. However, what if the child you want can’t be produced by any human beings on Earth...
  4. zsofi

    My story + advices needed

    Dear All! I kind of need some help / information, I'm going through a very difficult state in my life: coming to terms with some of my deepest emotions. I'm a 27 year old person, identified by others as a man, but mostly I don't think about myself as a man, because it has all kind of negative...