cheap diapers

  1. LimeBloodedNoir

    Diapers but... Not diapers.

    THESE!!! Yes! These things! I have been VERY interested in these, and want to know a few things about them! I have a list of questions that would be amazing if I got a reply to!!! I hope I can get some things cleared up! Thanks! Thanks for reading! <3 1. How much to they hold? Accident...
  2. W

    abuniverse or wearing clouds? or where

    I want to order some samples of some AB/DL diapers, what is the cheapest website to order samples at, wearing clouds seems the cheapest, is there any cheaper websites?
  3. S

    Best diapers to buy?

    hi! im new to this website and even the whole ABDL thing and i recently got $40 dollars to spend on diapers and stuff. I was wondering what were your favourite diapers and what are the cheapest? where could i buy adult pacis as well?
  4. D

    Cheaper diapers with prescription?

    I was thinking the other day.. Does it it exists prescription (low cost) for diapers in other countries? Yesterday I got two cases (8 packs) of diapers home delivered for just $14 after I ordered with a prescription. It would have cost me like $30 for one pack without... But this is not just...
  5. crowza

    Cheap yet great quality Diapers

    Today I got a case of First Quality IB Plastic back diapers. I saw them on ebay for 55 bucks a case so I decided to buy them and give them a try. To my surprise they are decent diapers, not as bulky. But they do hold a lot. For 72 diapers thats a good deal.