1. T

    [NEW] ABDL/TBDL RANDOM CHAT SITE - Like Omegle, But About Diapers Only!

    Hello all ABDL/TBDLs, Many of us all have used a site called "" at least once before to talk about diapers or even for your very own erotic fantasies ;) But it gets difficult sometimes when you face wrong interest matches or even bots. I like a lot of people get bored of this, so I...
  2. Blazey

    Mizz Blazey babysitter

    Hi there I'm Blazey, A little about myself, I'm strict and smart, at the same time I'm very polite. I pride myself on being patient and understanding even in the face of rage. I live for comedy so I find the humor in everything as well as the silver lining. I write a lot and have many talents...