1. T

    New Chastity Device

    A New device one of the metal cage variety has finally arrived. Ive been getting warmed up with 24/7 diapering. With slower cage acclimation. Due to recently being found undiapered and uncaged :sweatdrop:while not being allowed to post my reason for doing it.:sad: I'm forced to ask how long Its...
  2. B

    Confused sissy needs help

    I started watching straight porn pretty young and always have been very interested in my sexual appetites. It started around 2 years ago when I began exploring other things online rather than straight porn. This lead me to discover I liked bisexual porn, which then over time evolved into...
  3. Kaylen

    Male diaper... issues.

    So I was just curious if I was the only one who had issues with this! Sometimes when I go to wet my diaper I noticed that it feels like the tip of me peen seems to get pushed up into the front of my diaper and the urine builds up until it hurts before it kinda burts out. It seems no matter how I...
  4. O

    Benny from Philadelphia, PA

    Hi everyone! My name is Benny. I'm an AB and a DL from Philadelphia, PA. I've got a lot of interests, but my life basically boils down to diapers, theater, and friends. I love to chat with new people, and I love to learn new things. On this website, I hope to talk to some new people who may...
  5. W

    isle of wight united kingdom

    Hi every one :) I'm a diaper lover living on the isle of wight, feeling very isolated in my addiction and would love chat with other diaper lovers in portsmouth southampton and esspecially the isle of wight.
  6. S

    Hi from Sweden

    I am 55 year old married man who lives in middle part of sweden. I use diaper 24/7 now becuse I loves diaper. my wife know about it and she is happy if I am locked up with CB3000. I am 100% DL keep wet all diaperlovers