changing table

  1. J

    AB Changing Table Ideas

    Hi all. Im wondering if anyone has plans or can give tips to building an Adukt Baby changing table? Ive seen various setups on youtube but would be worried about weight limits (would probably need something rated to handle up to 300 pounds). Thanks!
  2. S

    Adult Changing Tables in Public Restrooms

    Has anyone seen adult changing tables in public restrooms in the U.S.? The Orlando airport added a changing table for disabled adult passengers earlier this year and I am curious if you've seen this anywhere else. Hopefully this becomes more common, but the table I saw didn't seem very...
  3. MilesTheFox88

    Changing Table Restraints

    Hey there ADISC. So me and my fiance are finally taking the plunge and are taking the first steps to converting our room to a nursery / play area. Our first order or business is a changing table. We're going the DIY route, using foam and fabric on a folding table. My question is, how to we...
  4. LordFluffybuttz

    Public changing table

    Have you ever wanted to try to use a baby changing table but were too afraid it would break? Have you tried it anyway? How did it go?
  5. Shyanne

    My a changing table?!

    So..I was talking to a friend about changing tables and such and he asked to see my dresser which I have had, ever since I was a kid, it was handed down to me from my dad who had it since he was a kid..then he freaks out. "Dude! You have no idea what that is! It was originally made to double as...