changing mat

  1. TyphaHare

    Changing mat?

    Baby powder gets everywhere Ö_Ö I change in the shower so I can wash it off the floor and so on but man is it a hassle.. a chaning mat might make it easier to handle? I'm pretty cheap tho, so even though it would be so lovely to feel authentic with an adult baby changing mat, they are way...
  2. D

    Paci + Changing Mat

    Quick couple of questions... I currently have a baby dummy (Paci) that I use a night, is it worth updating to an adult one? Also just using baby changing mats currently, is it worth changing to an adult one? Cheers
  3. daddyzlittlegirl

    Adult changing pad!

    Anyone know where I can find an adult changing pad?!? I seen some on ebay but they where all the way from China... Was looking for maybe something better.. Thanks, DLG