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    How old when your parents quit changing your diaper?

    I was talking to a diaper friend who wet the bed as a kid. His mother diapered him in cloth and plastic pants until he was 9. He says she was so good not to humiliate him over this, being diapered was a nightime ritual. Later as a young teen his love for diapers took over, he missed them, so...
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    a vid: some random guy treating adult diaps not like some sick perverted thing!

    Soo after a night of 'drinkin 'n thinkin' i decided to do some random *B/DL mashing of keywords into Google vids and see what i got and stumbled upon this: so, some weirdo sent me adult diapers - wtf? not only did they send diapers, but they sent them in size XL. I thought it'd try them anyway...