1. Kingllama

    Looking for help to save our special night

    Me and my partner won't be spending Christmas together for the first time in 3 year, infact we won't see each other for a week before, and a week after. We had a huge special last night planned for tomorrow, for daddy to take care of his baby girl but at the last minute i have just found out my...
  2. J

    Messing diaper at night

    Hi everyone. I have a three questions Do you mess your diaper at night, if so is it voluntarily or involuntarily? Also since I have no control over my bowel, if I wake up in the middle of the night messy do I change before hopping back into bed? I realise this depends (pun intended) on how...
  3. ThePenguinLover

    Issues Changing into diapers

    I've read ADISC'S guide, but I am so bad. I can never get it quite good enough to fit. Can anyone give me a more dumbed-down guide on how to change myself into one?
  4. SimCo

    Nanny for Hire

    For as long as I have been ABDL (as long as I can remember) I have wished that I could have a loving, nurturing mommy/babysitter play along with my fantasies and change me, feed me, baby talk to me, etc. I have never been lucky enough to find this person through ordinary relationships. Recently...
  5. ABAlex2

    The Carelsonton Cuddle Club

    Phil glanced nervously at his watch. His appointment was at 7:30, it was now 7:25. Really, he could go in at any point. There was no problem with arriving early, and he had booked the whole night anyway. Also, he was already standing outside the building. That building was a tall steel and...
  6. PampersScent

    Changing table shenanigans!

    If you were a fussy baby having his/her poopy diaper changed, what would you want your caretaker to do to lighten the mood or make you smile/laugh? What's an ideal diaper change scenario to you?
  7. S

    Cheapest pack of diapers?

    So I live by a marsh grocery store that is around 10 mins walking distance and they have a huge diaper area. I haven't even walked down it (way to shy :sad: ) but does anyone know the cheapest brand and pack of diapers? Do places usually sell packs of 2 or 4 diapers? Any brands welcome
  8. Hyperlitegreen

    Has anyone dated a medical doctor? I have.....

    Has anyone dated a medical doctor and knows about your diapers? Well, I have...It started as a blind date, and after the second date we hit it off. After the 3rd month, I finally cracked and told her that I use diapers for bedwetting. She was very understanding and said "Im really glad you...
  9. A

    random thoughts

    ok so i was thinking today and when i do i come up with weird questions today i relived when im changing i tape the right side first but i think its because im right handed. just wondering if anyone else noticed.
  10. S

    Vlesi have changed.

    So I went to my local chemist to get my usual pack of 30 Vlesi slip comfort, seeing as they're the ONLY brand accessible to me in my town. I was pretty excited to have them because I hadn't actually gotten any diapers in months. Okay so i got them home to find out that the whole look of them had...
  11. Blacksmith

    can you do it, I can

    so I was wondering. if there is anyone else who can/does put their diaper on in the dark? I do it while lying in my bed with the lights of to avoid detection. btw I only do this with disposables.
  12. A

    Night time....

    I wondered how many people have to change during the night?.. Or if your nappy lasts until the morning?.. Normally when I nappy Alex up for bed (usually about 10pm) the nappy lasts until the morning - albeit it's is absolutely soaked! However, Friday night.. We got ready for bed as usual, Alex...
  13. leicesterfan

    For people with childeren

    Just a quick question: When you had to change your child's diaper, what sort of things were going through your head? Also, were you ever tempted to try one of your baby's diaper's on? Thanks
  14. glassyeyedbb

    Anyone else find that...?

    Anyone else find that when you wear diapers outside of RP or in public your mood changes? I know that i'm usually an unconcentrated, loud mouthed and hyper and social person normally. But with a diaper on i am more quiet, antisocial and even focused, though not on purpose. I feel almost as if...
  15. hen

    How many times do you change?

    How many times a day do you change your diapers?
  16. Babystevie26

    Diaper Checks

    Many a thread are there that discuss the diaper change. It is one of the highlights for many *B's and DL's. Far less discussed however, is the diaper check. When someone else makes a point of taking a look and determining whether or not you're wet or dirty. As an AB, I can't think of much...