1. S

    Locked in a dress

    Hi, I love wearing skirts and dresses. I always have some anxiety going out. Less anxiety in the skirt more in a dress. I have a few costumes that I love to death and want to wear them out but get on the verge of a panic attack when I am about to go outside. So past two nights I have forced...
  2. michaelmc

    Terry nappy challenge

    I looked up how to do an old fashiond nappy using terry towel nappy,i then used a terry towel and made one pinned it on put on my plastic pants, it was cumfortable and held a suprising amount of pee. The terry nappy i challenge you to try it!:biggrin:
  3. CinnaSwirls

    Wearing 24/7 for a week?

    So, I've made a great introduction, and then I suddenly reply, exclusively, for all the time I've been here. After that well received introduction I hope this next thread isn't a disappointment! First thing I'll mention is, I don't exactly have a week off. I don't have any time off, in fact...
  4. P

    Postulant or is it challenge ?

    Query, maybe but challenge fits better in this case. A Challenge; Is there a symbol to represent us Cubs/BabyFurs? Lacking an positive answer; What would be a good symbol that represents us as Furry and cubs?
  5. C

    Fun and Safe Diapered Activities

    Hey everyone! So often, I see overeager young ABDLs searching for fun things to do in diapers. The only problem with this is that so many of the ideas they have or are given cross the line between harmless fun and harmful fun (messing at home vs messing in a train car, natural messing vs...
  6. bebe1974

    Diapered in slightly transparent pant!

    Hi everyone!!! Here's a little something i have tried lately. I love to wear diaper in public and most of all i love when they are not too hidden. Here's what i've done. I went to walmart to buy white pants, the kind that are lightweight and a little bit transparent. I just make sure that...
  7. squashNstretch

    Simple physical and mental challenge... Who is with me?

    For the little while I've been trying to fill some gaps in my highschool education. I was never a very good student in school and have now found a stronger foundation in math will help me make the next steps in my career. I have recently found that the Khan Academy also has a practice section...
  8. whisko

    Shower Challenge!

    Hey all! I know there are a bunch of people who would like to feel more comfortable peeing in their bed or in their diaper. Here's how to start: You (yes YOU) are allowed to pee in your shower. Of all the places you could pee, it's the best choice. Your clothes are out of the way, there's a...