1. EdwardTheDL1998

    Have you ever been caught in public?

    Hello there, everyone. So, I was just wondering, if any of you ever have been caught in public? Like, if your diaper peeks out or something. If so: What did you do about it? What did you say? What did others say? (The one who saw you.) And how did you feel? Personally, I don't think I've been...
  2. L

    Mom found a diaper!

    So, Today I was going to a friend's to help him decorate and last night I got out two diapers (one for during the night and one for the morning). Well, This morning, I overslept and didn't have time to put the other one on. Anyway, My mom has just called me and she asked me why there was a...
  3. B

    I think my mom knows...

    I have had a few separate hiding places for my ABDL supplies, but recently I went to grab one of my big pacifiers from one of my hiding spots that also has a few girls goodnites, but this time the goodites, as well as both of my pacifiers in there were gone. This isn't the first time something...
  4. J

    Ever been caught?

    Hey guys, was wondering if anyone has ever been caught or had someone find thier stash. I have had some close calls. Just curious how it went.
  5. L

    I got caught in public

    Hi everyone, long time lurker here and finally decided to join because I feel like I should share what happened to me last weekend. So I've recently been wearing in public more often recently and realized that I could use some larger pants to hide the bulge. Now I don't expose my diaper...
  6. landingxray

    Airbnb stories?

    Has anyone got caught wearing diapers at a AirBnB?
  7. R

    Getting "Caught" Stories

    Just interested in hearing some of your experiences with getting "caught' or discovered/whatever. To me, its always interesting to hear these to see how people made the situation. I have never been discovered or anything just some fairly close calls. I am aware that it might happen one day. It...
  8. LeoNero

    Caught With Your Pants Down And Your Diaper On

    Ever had the embarrassing experience of a family member, friend, etc, finding out that you're an ABDL opened your closet or drawer one day and found out your secret stash, one day in your room looking under your bed for that pacifier you may have lost, or just walked in on you while you're...
  9. W

    has anyone ben caught in the middle of wetting your diaper or pants by their parents?

    Has anyone here ever get caught by your parents in the middle of you wetting your diaper or pants? Or has anyone ever gotten caught wetting their swimsuit inside or outside of water?
  10. 2yearold

    being caught sucking your thumb?

    We hear about how many get caught in diapers or having their diaper stash found. But how many have been caught sucking your thumb by a parent or sibling etc. :thumbsup: I was a thumb sucker at night until i started kindergarten when my mom took steps to break me it. I did not like stand around...
  11. californiaabdl

    My mom found my diapers!!

    So just today I'm pretty sure my mom discovered my diapers hidden in my room. She hasn't confronted me yet.. thank god!! But what am I supposed to say when she comes to talk to me or shows me one of my diapers and waits for a response?? Please comment excuses or ways to help the situation...
  12. kjluvs

    Discovered by someone who understands

    Last summer, my boyfriend, myself, and some of our family had the good fortune of getting to take a private cruise on a boat to the Galapagos islands. What an amazing experience. Plenty to explore during the day but as you can imagine, uninhabited islands don't offer much to do at night. One...
  13. captainpollution

    The most frustrating ABDL afternoon ever.

    So, today I decided to take inventory of my stash, which is at a storage facility. (I still live with my parents) I get what I need, I take a few, and then I make my way back home. I finally get off the freeway. Then there is a big problem. My car's muffler has rusted off completely, and it's...
  14. xtrabulk

    Horrible convo with son ends well

    So I thought id share this, and forgive any errors as I'm on my slow tablet. I thought my eldest, 17, knew about my diapers. So, I was line drying my Baby Pants trainers and a pullup diaper from kins. Along with a shirt of his. Anyway, he goes to get his shirt, and asks me if the diapers on the...
  15. V

    Caught two weeks ago.

    I had been buying diapers and hiding them since February. Started out with Goodnites and then I wanted to try the baby diapers (I'm like REALLY tiny). I bought them on my free time between my classes Mondays and Wednesdays (I had over an hour between them). I usually walk over to the Publix...
  16. AmberBulb95

    Caught in public?

    Has anyone been caught doing anything babyish in public? I have this ritual where I walk my dog with my dummy on a chain clipped to my hoodie. Either sucking my dummy or hiding it under my hoodie. Today I had to grab my dog by the collar so she didn't bolt after a family with another dog, and...
  17. Littledaimon

    Getting caught - What to do ?

    I've been reading a recent thread about what some members did when they got caught, and made me realise that I wouldn't know what to say if this dreaded nightmare becomes true (Which will be a reality eventually) :( I know the circumstance will vary greatly, one may lie if you bump into a...
  18. G

    explaining your self when you got caught

    hey guys and gals, I was wondering if anyone had any experiences with getting caught diapered by a family member or friend? I finanly admitted my fetish to my parents after the like 5th time I got caught with them. they were starting to worry about medical problems and stuff like that. so just...
  19. Kiyoshi

    Help smuggling pacifier through airport security

    Hey everyone, 29 year old adult baby desperately looking for some creative thought and advice. Background: I have a nuk 5 pacifier (all white) , onsie and diapers at home. I love my binky but travel quite often and only get to use my nuk 5, onsie and diapers every two weeks. I work away from...
  20. xtrabulk

    Diaper Aisle During Purge

    Well, I was having purge issues, and the wife and I went to the store. I could barely go down The Aisle with her to get the charcoal. It was disgusting and disturbing and made me very guilty at the time. I'm better now, but are there similar instances of aversion during bad times or a purge? It...