1. EdwardTheDL1998

    Have you ever been caught in public?

    Hello there, everyone. So, I was just wondering, if any of you ever have been caught in public? Like, if your diaper peeks out or something. If so: What did you do about it? What did you say? What did others say? (The one who saw you.) And how did you feel? Personally, I don't think I've been...
  2. P

    Unsure if i was caught

    So a few days ago i had gone into town to buy diapers, a new silent spinner wheel for my mice (the one in their cage raddles like crazy and i just cant sleep at night) and some carpet cleaner. I first went to Petco and got the new wheel, and then continued on to Target to buy some carpet cleaner...
  3. Kyatto

    Well...I may be massively caught.

    Whilst I was out for the day, my mum decided that she'd clean my room up...not only that, she figured she'd also move my room around too. My stash is hidden under my bed inside an old guitar case which has been moved, she complained about it smelling funny (Which it does from the times when I...