1. KittyninjaW

    Finally Got Neko Ears!!!! :D

    So it's me, I have been waiting for a bit to publish this, so anyways I bought Cat ears from Amazon, and they finally shipped earlier today, and I can't wait until they get here!!!! Anyway, here is an image. anyway I also ordered a Thomas the tank engine Megazord from eBay. And I really can't...
  2. KittyninjaW

    I don't know who I am...

    Hey, it's KittyninjaW, I've felt relatively happy for the past, few days, but the depressed felling hit again, To be honest, I've been looking up sissy baby, baby fur, and Abdl stuff, and, I don't know what I am. I really do want to be in those fantasy worlds, where I'm treated like a baby cat...
  3. CrinkleKat

    Poll for Possible Diaperfur manga. Right Here.

    Hello all! Quick question: would any members out there be interested in seeing a Diaperfur manga in the future? It may be a possibility, if I can garner support... I hate to get everyone's hopes up, as nothing's been finalized at the moment. Even still, I'd love to hear your input on the matter...
  4. T

    Where can i get Cat tail and ears?!

    Hello all! I am a realy big furry lover and have always wanted to wear cat ears and tails like the ones that people wear for kitten-play but i live in the uk and there isnt much stuff like that around, infact, i havnt even found any what-so-ever! I would realy like some top quality ones from...
  5. D

    One of my Songs became a Hit on Sound Cloud!

    Yeah! Well not really a song, more of a sound effect, lol. Found Sounds; Here Kitty Kitty My "sound" is the "Autotuned Cat", or as they call it "Kanye West as a cat". (He's a Jackass). Just thought I would share, if you are a cat person, this post may appear to you :3
  6. L

    New person ;D

    im new here.... :) i am a cat babyfur (i hope u read my user) ;) anyway... i don't want to make this too long so...yeah ;D
  7. betagame

    Will cats claw your diaper while you're sleeping with the cat?

    I want to adopt a cat and I want to hear experiences if you have slept diapered and you cat was awake and wanting to see whats inside your diaper. So it clawed the plastic of your diaper and put pulp and gel everywhere. One thing I would also like to know is would the smell of pee deter the cat...
  8. h3g3l

    Furry mention in comic strip

    There's a comic that I sometimes read called Two Lumps. It's about a pair of cats doing cat-things. Just over a week ago, the comic strip made a reference that I thought was funny. Thought I'd share it with folks who could appreciate it.