1. Missilekid10

    Size of cases?

    So I'm looking to go to a medical store to buy a box of Tena Specialty Briefs. The case comes with 96 in a Case. Can anyone tell me if this box is going to be super huge and if it is, will it be hard to carry? Thanks for any info ^_^ .
  2. S

    Best place to buy diapers ever???

    Wow. I just bought a case of super absorbant diapers for just $40! is amazing. I got 96 premium diapers for only $40, these diapers are fairly absorbant, not amazing, but cheap enough that you can even double them up for even better than molicare capacity!, it may look a...
  3. PetPuppyAlex

    Buy some Bambinos now or later?

    Okay, so I've been saving my money for diapers. Duh. And I have enough for two cases of Bambinos [64 diapers each] and maybe for some more baby things...However, I'm only about 2 weeks away from having enough to get three cases. Which is 192 diapers in all. I tried asking what Jesus would do but...