1. sweetroll59

    Favorite Childhood Cartoon?

    Do any of you guys remember what your favorite cartoon was to watch as a kid? I’m finding revisiting those to be an incredible de-stressor! I’ll start: mine was Tom & Jerry lol
  2. LilCDM

    Do you have Netflix or Hulu?

    I have just started a Hulu account and was wondering if anybody else has an account with Hulu or Netflix. I don’t about Netflix but I know Hulu has loads of programs for little one to watch and they are grouped by age. Hulu also does not have ads on their children’s shows in the basic package...
  3. LilCDM

    What is the first cartoon you can remember watching?

    I remember watching Motormouse and Autocat with my big brother, It aired in 1970 so I would have been 4 or 5 at the time. It was essentially a motor-racing version of Tom and Jerry.
  4. kashi

    Steven Universe

    Anyone watch Steven Universe? Have you seen the latest episode set during Steven's B-day? He reverts to a child at one point and for someone just watching this whole episode resonated with me and my little side. It felt like a really good explanation of being a little on the inside or having...
  5. mewte

    Check this out!!!

    So, I really love this cartoon on Disney XD called Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, and at first glance, it's just like any other cartoon. But I want to stress how great this show is!! Not only is it extremely body positive; I mean, hey! One of the two main characters is fat, and whats...
  6. edgyfox

    Remembering Age play Cartoons Watch here. (Facebook may be required to watch)

    I hope this allowed but I see so many people here in just the few days I've really been active here that wish they could see the old cartoons again that are Ageplay/Age play/Nappy/Diaper/Babyfur related. Anyway as part of a Facebook project page I'm making to teach People about Age Play. I have...
  7. WearingClouds

    Good Anime Shows

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for good Anime shows I should watch. Preferably on Netflix! Thanks! Oh and also, not to be nit picky, but a show without subtitles! Thanks ^__^
  8. LittleMatty

    Cartoons (new ones)

    Everyone is always asking about old cartoons, but I am gonna be honest, I am a modern baby :P My cartoons are like Ben 10, Pokemon, Avatar (10 points to the first to figure out my DP) and all that kinda stuff, i don't mind the classics but I wanna know if there are any other A/TB's out there who...
  9. LilMonkeyAlex

    Favorite Cartoon

    I know that i see a lot of pokemon fans on here, but what other great cartoons do you watch while regressing? Lately i have been watching Sonic X on Hulu. I used to love coming home after school and watching Sonic the hedgehog and Megaman. but i have not been able to find the megaman cartoons...