1. Sitherus

    facebook video find diaper bet this would be my dream "see ya later diaper boy!"
  2. edgyfox

    Remembering Age play Cartoons Watch here. (Facebook may be required to watch)

    I hope this allowed but I see so many people here in just the few days I've really been active here that wish they could see the old cartoons again that are Ageplay/Age play/Nappy/Diaper/Babyfur related. Anyway as part of a Facebook project page I'm making to teach People about Age Play. I have...
  3. L

    Did you ever watch Spongebob?

    So, this just randomly popped into my mind but did anyone here watch Spongebob when you were little? I was in like 2nd grade I think when it first came one but anyway is it just me or was it WAYYY funnier then? The old ones (to me) are so hilarious! They're as funny to me now as they were then...
  4. Ian16545

    What cartoon female (Western animation) do you want to diaper you?

    There are a select few threads that feature anime and diapers, so I suggested taking this one a step further: If you could have any Western animation cartoon female diaper you, who would you choose? My top picks are: Betty Boop Wilma Flintstone Jane or Judy Jetson Minnie Mouse any of the...
  5. B

    Childish Clothing

    I'm not talking babyish clothing but slightly older cartoon like styles of clothing seem to be available in fairly large sizes. At last something for those in the UK to get happy about too... I have recently found out BHS do kids clothing up to 16 years (fairly accommodating in size). They seem...
  6. Auby

    Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra

    I absolutely loved AVTA and am psyched for the release of LOK (April 14th). So how about you?
  7. captainpollution

    New Beavis and Butthead premiere on 10/27/2011!

    So, who else is psyched for the new Beavis and Butthead series coming this fall? I certainly am! I have already seen the pilot, which is called "Holy Cornholio".
  8. J

    hello from socal

    Hey everybody, My name is james and im from southern california. I am a Tb who likes to wear cartoon underwear. Most of the time i wear cartoon briefs over my diapers but sometimes i just wear just cartoon underwear to feel like a big boy but that doesnt last for long and its back to the diapers...
  9. yourhuggies

    King of the Hill AB referance

    I have been watching a lot of KOTH on Cartoon Network, and I discovered something awesomely funny. Hank's Dad, Cotton was an Adult Baby. His wife, Didi was a nurse, and she would coo him, and take care of him like a baby. He routinely sat in high chairs and booster seats. If you watch episodes...