1. PaddedArtist90

    Car Drama!

    I'm having a little drama with my car right now, basically I changed the valve cover gasket not that long ago & my particular engine is notorious for leaking from the oil cooler housing underneath my exhaust manifold. I don't have the money or time to A. take it to the garage or B. do it all...
  2. Wearewhoweare

    Choose Between Diapers, or a Supercar

    If you had a choice between lifetime supply of diapers of your choosing, or a supercar of your choosing. ex: Ferrari 458 italia, audi r8 v10, sls amg, veyron 16.4, all the best. What would you go with? list specifics if there are any on both the diapers, or car.
  3. I

    cars pacifier?

    trying to find a disney cars pacifier? anyone know where to look... i tried babys r us and target
  4. W

    Short time lurker - long time DL

    I've been poking around for some time now and decided to let you get to know me a little better. I've got some DL experiences I'd like to share but for now I'd like to say I appreciate the open friendly environment you have created here on the internet. Interests: I basically like to take...
  5. C

    Modding your social group......

    I have a suggestion, I wish that we would be able to mod the social clubs that we have created. Like edit, merge or delete posts. I run car club and while I have great members and would never have had to delete anything, it would be nice to merge some posts or edit them, is this a...