1. prettybaby

    Dream Caretaker from a movie or tv?

    Hello everyone! I thought this would be a really fun idea for a thread: Have you ever seen a care taker type figure in a movie, or tv, that you would love to have? Or maybe even just a dynamic between two characters that you would love to have with a caretaker, mommy, daddy, or ab/dl nanny...
  2. kerry

    Helping a vanilla hubby become a Daddy

    So, my life has taken a few interesting turns lately. (If you have not followed this little saga, see my latest blog post at And the bottom line is that, for the first time in my life, I have told another person...
  3. Littleabgirl

    Caretakers - What is your limit?

    Obviously all of us want to be loved unconditionally when we play bABy, but in reality it is unlikely. Every person has a limit, and I assume that applies in bABy play aswell. So Caretakers, where do you draw the line in the care you are willing to provide your bABy? For me, personally I...
  4. macabre

    Help Wanted: Assurance of Some-sort

    I like to read, and so I do, a lot. And I have noticed a trend in ABDL fiction, alot of sex/sexual behavior and bondage/BDSM play to an incredible degree. I like sex, I like BDS (not really into S& all, really), and I really like the idea of taking care of an *B. However, I could not let...