1. L

    Hello! From NE Ohio!

    Hello! I am 24 and I am actually the significant other of a ABDL. We have been dating for 2 1/2 years and I have known for most of the time! I am on here to get to know other “mommies” or significant others that are aupportive and need someone to relate to with experiences! Cant wait to talk!:)
  2. B


    Hi! I had previously posted, rather excitedly and now am seeing the gaps left in the wake of my haste. I am indeed an Adult Baby and Diaper Lover. However, as I was informed, I should open up about my personal interests and hobbies(thanks for the feedback) as well. First off, I've been a...
  3. Artemisia

    New to being a Carer: Sydney, Australia

    Hi All, I am a new to exploring this world. Firstly, disclosure to be fair. I became interested in the world ABDL through both my play with a new lover and through my work as a professional kinkster helping others explore their unique wiring. I am here both to explore personally and also...
  4. M

    Hello there~

    Hi, everyone! I found this site looking for some information - not for myself so much as for my boyfriend. I'm not sure if he's an AB or anything, but I know he has some regressive tendencies, and I want to make sure to be supportive if he regresses more, so I'd really like it if anyone could...
  5. Frogsy


    Why do AB caregivers enjoy their role? What are the draws? There are so many reasons why people enjoy being little. But I haven't seen the other side discussed much. Well, I love being a caregiver just as much as being cared for, or perhaps even more so at this point in my life. But why? Why...
  6. Shelly

    Hi ^^

    Allo everyone :D I've been a carer for three and a half years now, and was introduced to this site by my tb boyfriend :) I live in NJ and am currently stuck in the Blizzard of 2010 D: . I play the guitar and the piano, & I'm on WoW on a weekly basis <3mages<3