1. TheEternalPhoenix

    Help and how to cope?

    Don't know how to say this but my girlfriend+caregiver/mummy (@Zalla) died of a heart attack in her sleep a few days ago, she was far too young in her 40s. I just don't know what to do really, I have all the condolences and such from her family but of course can't tell them that she read me to...
  2. JaysonTheRegressor

    Entire day in littlespace with someone else as the CG

    Hello everyone! I am hyped about tomorrow! I'm going to get to spend the whole day tomorrow regressed and everyone in the house is going to treat me like a baby 🥺 I am so excited as this is the first time I would have regressed with someone else being my CG I do have my own CG (daddy <3) but...
  3. I

    Invented DIY diaper donner for those who can't change their own.

    Hello everyone! I'm a retired career pilot of WW2 Spitfire replica and newspaper/magazine cartoonist (parallel careers) who retired from both in 1990 to live my life's dream as a full time prolific inventor... while talking on my ham radio. :) I'm here to post in the incontinence forum about a...
  4. C


    Hi everyone, I am brand new here and wanted to say hi. I am new to the ABDL community and would love to learn more. I am a "domme mommy" and just got myself a brand new pack of diapees. I don't wear them myself, but really want to diaper some others. I have my own fetish site and would love...
  5. LittleThomas

    Looking For Online Friend For Littlespace Enhancement.

    Hey Guys, I'm quite new here, so I'm not really sure if I am posting this in the right place, but I'm looking for someone to talk to online. The thing is, I want somebody that treats me the way I want to be treated in littlespace. I would just love to send them a message talking about my day...
  6. OriginalT

    Question for the Caregivers

    How did you Caregivers become a Caregiver in the first place? have you always felt a maternal way about friends and relationships or were you introduced to this community via a friend or significant other and just decided to stay? Id really like to know, since it is sorta a strange thing to do...
  7. OriginalT

    Care Giver Crushes?

    So, I've been wondering if anyone here has ever met someone, like a teacher, counselor, ,a kind of doctor, or someone you just work with, and experience what I'm calling a "care giver crush"- just someone you really want to take care of you or even reassure you, or something to that extent. Not...
  8. Akiran59


    This post may get lost, but if someone can help me that would mean the world to me. So, I've been looking for a daddy for over 2 years now with no luck. I have no clue where to look or where to post. Its all I can think about and I can't find an answer. Does anyone know where I should look?
  9. G

    What is your favorite thing that your caregiver does for/with you?

    What are your favorite things that your caregiver does with/for you? And what do they do/say that makes you feel the most little?
  10. Frogsy


    Why do AB caregivers enjoy their role? What are the draws? There are so many reasons why people enjoy being little. But I haven't seen the other side discussed much. Well, I love being a caregiver just as much as being cared for, or perhaps even more so at this point in my life. But why? Why...
  11. H

    ATTN: Mommies & Caregivers

    I thought I'd put together a lil' list of some important things to consider while you are establishing your budding ABDL relationship. Please feel free and to comment and add more "everyday tips." BEDTIME: I think bedtime is a good rule to enforce because it establishes a routine between you...
  12. LittleMatty


    Hey guys, I am a big fan regression, and consider it an important part of my life. I want to ask what people use as 'triggers' to help regress. There is the obvious of being in a nappy/being changed by a caregiver, but i wanna know about the other things. For me, i feel little when i play with...