1. Eclectic

    Do you consider yourself successful?

    For those that have been in a long-term career or have developed a particular skill set, do you consider yourself successful? Have you gained popularity, financial profit or distinction among your peers? Are you known for anything? I'm hoping people will respond to this truthfully so the...
  2. D

    The Rest of Your Life

    Hello everybody. I'm 18 about to be 19 and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my life. I'm in a very complex life situation that would need some explaining.(long story) Basically, I'm in Mexico fixing to get a decent job but I know that I want to go to college and major in something (maybe...
  3. Mingus

    Careers--what do you expect/hope for?

    Hi all, misreading Peachy's thread title on carers over in the Adult Baby Forum got me thinking--what do you expect and hope for from your career? I saw HandfulofOats started a thread back in March on where people work, but this is kind of different. I know some of you have careers, but I think...