car seat

  1. C

    Car seat fits adults- a trial on Britax "original" frontier

    Hello everyone, recently I bought an used Britax "original" frontier manufactured in 2008, and I found it fitting me perfectly. My height is 5.75 feet and my weight is 155 lbs. There are many slots on the back of the seat, and my method is actually not allowed in the manual. However, it's still...
  2. classicseats

    My Vintage "Adult" Car Seat

    This is a Century 4200 from 1984. It's roomy as older seats go so with my 33" waist, I fit in this nicely. I added webbing to the harness so it's long enough to buckle myslf in. The T shield is a nice soft rubber and the padding is quite thick and comfy. Now who wants to drive? Oh, it's FAA...
  3. kittenjossee

    Baby Furniture

    Does anyone still have some of there baby furniture and still fit inside of it? I still fit in my old highchair with the tray in the middle position and I can fit in my old stroller although the belt doesn't go around me anymore. I'd love to try to see how far I can get into my sisters car...
  4. Pramrider

    Old School Baby Gear Collectables

    Pamperchu, here's the two car seats I have. Both date to the 1960s and are the old hook over the front seat style. I think the blue one is a bit newer having a built in head restraint. Oh, and in case you're wondering, the plushies on top the sofa belong to our kids. ~Pramrider