cape town

  1. A

    Adult baby and diaper lover in Cape Town

    Hi ! I just need to know if there's a nursery for gay ab dl in cape town or in South Africa Is there someone who want to help me to find diaper (abena)... First time in Cape for a french Guy... I have only found old diaper wich not confortable...
  2. A

    Hi from Cape town

    Hi, I'm new on this english website -_-' I'm a french Gay Guy who live in Cape Town for 2 months. I want to discover the country and maybe the secret face of diaper in South Africa. I'm an AB and DL who like to travel my favorite hobbie after my job...
  3. Kiwi_Sin

    Buying in South Africa

    I see there was a post in 2012 in where to buy in South Africa, and now since that post has closed, I was wondering the users of that post may be able to help me. I am going to south africa for a month in Feb/Mar 2014. we are starting in JNB heading to CPT and Oudtshoorn, on to Kimberley and...