1. Demonbabywearspamps

    Diapers don't actually hold that much??

    I recently found out that when a diaper says it holds 6000/7000/9500ml it does not actually hold that much and it's not accurate to what it holds when a normal person uses it. Did anyone else know that and if so how much would these diapers actually hold? I'm most interested in the trest and...
  2. T

    Finding the perfect feminine diapers

    I'm hunting for the perfect diaper for myself and seem to have gotten lost in it all. I'm specifically looking for something that seems feminine but not too young. My ideal diaper would be predominately purple (settle for pink), Low rise in the front (think typical panties), and effective in...
  3. LennyFace

    The Capasity of Goodnites

    I understand that Goodnites are not the most absorbent things in the world and the majority of the community don't actually use them, I get that. But it would be interesting to know, specifically, how much they actually hold as I can't seem to find any numbers. Also would be nice to see if those...
  4. Drynites96

    Drynites Capacity: Girls vs. Boys

    Well I've tried both the 8-15 Girl and Boy Drynites and it seemed like the Girls had a lot more capacity than the Boys version. The Boys often leak for me. Does anyone had a similar experience ?
  5. bambinod

    your biggest wet without a leak?

    Last week I tested a bambino large, two-ply. (inner diaper's panel sliced in several places) No boosters/stuffers, to see what it could take. Fitted leg cuffs very tight. Drank a huge amount of water before bed, did not wet my diaper at all until I laid down. (and was pretty desperate) By...
  6. M

    Absolute capacity

    ok. well being as, alot of diaper companies lie about how much their diaper can hold. I figure how about we all post up our experiences with diaper capacity. NAME: CAPACITY: FEATURES: Sticky potential? would for sure help. i would post but i ran out of ATN's, more should be here monday...