1. SparkleBunny

    Cups, candy, and my first onesie

    I went on a trip to Nashville with my parents a few days ago. I had gotten candy that was in a toad stool and then a magenta Keroppi tin.The toad stool was cherry and Keroppi was strawberry (both were sour). At a store they had $1.00 party cups so I picked up the old Care Bears and the last...
  2. Pramrider

    Valentine Glo Pop-cifier

    Has anyone else seen these candy pacifiers? I was at a Fast Stop store getting some gas this morning and saw them on display at the checkout counter. They're all red with a Valentine notation (different saying on each one), and a really decent size with large, heart-shaped teat. The teat looked...
  3. betagame

    How many pounds of Halloween candy do you have? or think you have.

    I wonder how many pounds you have.
  4. betagame

    Show Us Your Halloween Candy![pics included] [may slow down internet connection]

    The Requirements: take the most high resolution picture you can take of all your Halloween candy, if you don't have a digital camera and only a cheep webcam take a bunch of pictures with the highest resolution. any other questions feel free to ask or PM me. What to do, Take out your Halloween...