1. Blazey

    Mizz Blazey babysitter

    Hi there I'm Blazey, A little about myself, I'm strict and smart, at the same time I'm very polite. I pride myself on being patient and understanding even in the face of rage. I live for comedy so I find the humor in everything as well as the silver lining. I write a lot and have many talents...
  2. rileysurfer

    Sup dudes?

    I'm Riley and I'm new here. I'm a 23 year old DL originally from Texas, but currently in San Francisco with my boyfriend. I have been toying with more AB related activities (bottles, sippy cups, bath time crayons, etc.) and both my boyfriend and I are enjoy them very much. My boyfriend is not...
  3. R

    Intro take 2 go

    So i stopped logging on to this site for a few years, and i guess its turned me into a lurker. Anyway, what to say what to say 23 AB. Though very much in the closet about it. I realized I had an obsession with diapers and wanting to be a baby again when I was around 4. I was a bedwetter for 6...
  4. I

    Greetings from Nor-Cal (my first post)

    HI my name is... ah... iBlanket ! I am brand new here and i just wanted to say Hi to all the Humboldt County Locals ! I live a secret life and my "Normal Life" if thats what you'd call it. I am an AB and DL... In my mind I am about 5 years of age. However in my everyday life i have to live, I...
  5. B

    Young Vegas DL here!

    Been in Vegas for almost a year now, moved from the east coast. [Removed]
  6. Kid

    Mystery diapers plague Corona del Mar

    This is a local news article about somebody throwing diapers onto the highway. Mystery diapers plague Corona del Mar | diapers, corona, senk - News - The Orange County Register
  7. B

    New18 Y/O DL from Socal

    Hey everyone!! Im an 18 year old boy from southern california. Although I am 18, many of my friends say I look more like 16 or even 15 but I'm cool with that. I have liked diapers since as long as i can remember. My earliest memory about them was in preschool where my best friend at the time...
  8. Z

    DL just moved to NorCal and new to the board

    as the topic states, i have just moved to north california, from texas. i've never had a personal encounter with another AB/DL before, i personally am a DL, male, Straight, and 20 years old. I actually mod [a board], but mostly oversee the /babby/ section. [removed]
  9. BernardFx

    Is anyone a babyfur in California?

    I'm just curius.:biggrin: I live in 'Diego!:shades:
  10. CVS91

    Southern California

    Hey, I'm having difficulties find a TB/DL in my area. I've been strenuously searching for about five years now, only to turn up nothing. I was curious to see if there is anyone in the Inland Empire area. Or to be more specific southern Fontana? Thanks a million. Edit: To start off, I'm 17...