1. M

    Calgary Alberta

    Been in lifestyle awhile-I'm a Daddy looking for Calgary or Alberta baby girls that are looking for a Daddy.
  2. C

    Prairie Kid

    Greetings! Obviously I am new here, but I am def enjoying the site so far. I live in Calgary, Alberta. I am a bit shy like some of you no doubt. That being said I am here to learn & perhaps even make some new friends. I drive machines for a living by day, and I DJ by night on the weekends. I...
  3. aydensboy

    Calgary: local sellers of Abena Diapers

    Well for any of you who live in this wonderful city, there is actually a local supplier of Abena diapers here. A thanks to discodiaper for discovering this one, i dredged it up in a couple of his old threads, but wanted to make sure everyone has the opportunity to know/buy. the Shoppers Home...
  4. aydensboy

    Hello from calgary

    Hi everyone, new to the diaper community. for now would classify myself as a DL (not that i believe in labels.. ).. married, into many kinks, have a long and varried profile on fetlife. Wife is aware, tolerant of the diapers, giggles when she sees me wearing, which makes me feel good. So was...