1. NabePup

    Anyone have experience with C++ vectors?

    I'm trying to write a program in C++ that separates a string into its separate elements if it contains multiple elements separated by spaces. For instance, the string "john hubert williams doe" would be stored as a vector containing the values {"john", "hubert", "williams", "doe"} at indexes...
  2. NabePup

    Programming: C vs C# vs C++

    I only want experienced programmers who have had enough experience with at least two of the languages to be able to compare and contrast them. I don't want replies like "well I haven't had much experience with ... and ... , but I think ... is great!" or "I don't know much about ... , but I've...
  3. tech50

    Computer Programming

    I was just curious as to how many people on here know something about computer programming, or a programming language. I know Qbasic, C++, C#, and a little java.
  4. T

    A resource to all who wish to learn C++.

    Hi, all. Tyrolva here. If you're reading this, then I'd imagine you'd want to learn C++. I decided to post this topic because there would be some of us that wouldn't want to spend money on a book that might use all manner of techie jargon and thus be tricky to understand. I was on YouTube one...