1. DiaperedMunk93

    What is your most expensive stuffed animal?

    I mean if I get a Jack Frost stuffie from Atlus on eBay, I’d have my most expensive stuffed animal to date. Right now I can’t remember which one I have that I paid the most. But please let me know if you have a stuffed animal that was really expensive whether you bought it or someone else bought...
  2. tykeboy123

    Buying wholesale alibaba?

    I have made inquiries about buying diapers in wholesale in hopes of saving some money from a couple suppliers on alibaba and was wondering if anyone else has tried or even possibly had luck in this area either through alibaba or anywhere else, the lady I got through to who offered what she said...
  3. R


    Has anyone here used Offerup to by diapers or anything of the sort and if so what did you buy?
  4. T

    Daddy and me: Diaper buying

    So... my daddy and I have been having small discussions about diapers. He knows I want to buy them, but every time that I do; I decide then I chicken out last second, Goodness; how do I justify myself and my want to just be little. I really am not home too often due to work, but winter is...
  5. Sitherus

    I might be a little diaper crazy

    I might be a little crazy when it comes to finding cheap diapers in stores. I see them I cant take my mind off of them even though i have hundreds at home and i still end up buying them. I was at goodwill yesterday and found a bag of 62 pullups. I know they suck but how often do i see diapers at...
  6. A

    diaper depot in florida

    anyone have experience with the Florida location of diaper depot? was thinking about going there but would like to know if anyone has experience with them and what it was like.
  7. C

    Best diaper for messing?

    Hey everyone. I've just ran out of Molicare Super plus's, and am looking for a new diaper. As title says, my main interest is messing and staying in said diaper for a long time, so a really absorbent diaper is also preferable. I was thinking about the Abena M4's. What's everyone's opinion...
  8. B

    I want to go to the next level but what is it?

    I have been so much happier since I allowed myself to live as the adult baby that part of me has been wanting me to do for decades. I've been wearing diapers full time for 6 months at the end of April. I've been using a pacifier when in bed for several months too. I use a CPAP machine and a...
  9. I

    Where to buy Drynites from other countries

    Hey, I don't post on here much, I normally just peruse the boards with a significant amount of shyness, but I have a question I'm hoping y'all might be able to answer. Any idea where I can order Drynites from Australia? I have really wanted to try the designs they have over there. When I...
  10. Trathfelder105

    does anyone have info on Cuddlz Nappys

    i was thinking about getting an 8 pack to try them has any one tried them please give me pros and cons thanx:smile1: Here is the link
  11. Kiwi_Sin

    Buying in South Africa

    I see there was a post in 2012 in where to buy in South Africa, and now since that post has closed, I was wondering the users of that post may be able to help me. I am going to south africa for a month in Feb/Mar 2014. we are starting in JNB heading to CPT and Oudtshoorn, on to Kimberley and...
  12. D

    Considering Buying Diapers For the First Time

    I've recently discovered that there is a Walgreens pharmacy less than a mile from my college campus. I am considering going there when I am out of class but I am worried about someone seeing me with diapers. As the store is fairly close to my college, there would be a chance of running into...
  13. D

    Diaper Buying in Japan

    I have a long list of questions but im a DL stuck in Japan. I need diaper advice BAD. -Do they have 3 way fit pampers cruisers size 7? if so could someone link me to the japanese packaging? -Are there any good youth/adult diaper brands? ones with tapes not pull ups? if so what does the...
  14. KRASN1

    Cloth diaper buying help

    Hello there, so I really want to buy a cloth diaper, I think it would be a good investment, but I don't know the slightest clue on what to buy. I think I want somthing like a prefold, not somthing with velcrow, but then again, are the velcrow ones better? and also what is the difference between...
  15. D

    Ever Notice the Things you Buy?

    Do you ever notice that you buy some ab stuff when your out shopping for "normal" things? Like for example, I was grocery shopping yesterday and saw some Lightning McQueen gummys, and I just had to buy them. Or like another time when I was at walmart buying something or other (i can't remember...
  16. FievelandTonyAB93

    Bought my first diapers online!!!

    Today, I've order a large pack of 10 Cushies diapers from AB Universe with the BabyFresh scent and I've successfully got the order paid with a debit card. Now I will be waiting a couple of days to receive them. Can't wait to try out my new diapers and wear/use them like the Thomas the...
  17. D

    Buying new stuff

    I am getting £40 soon (hopefully) what do people think i should buy??
  18. M

    A few questions from a newbie

    Hey guys and gals, I have joined this site a few days ago and am loving it! I do not own any diapers, and had a few questions on my first purchase. I do not worry about actually buying them (I'm 16 and have my driver's license, so picking them up is not a problem), but I would like to make...
  19. S

    Diapers on a Budget

    I've noticed that diapers are expensive! Especially the Abenas, Molicares, and Bambinos etc. Does anyone know of a good diaper that won't break the bank?
  20. samh

    Diapers During the Vacation!

    So next week i am going on a family vacation to the US. My question is how would you suggest i go about buying diapers here, i know there are loads to choose from in Walmart as compared to Tesco/Asda here, i was just wondering how i could do it. My only transport is by my parents... How would i...