buying diapers

  1. M4saremyfavourite

    Ordering diapers online. Which site?

    So, I’m planning on ordering a package of diapers soon and I’m not sure which site to order from. My main issue is with the shipping companies. Canada post, only leaves the package if you are in the house. But I go to school so I’m never home in time. Puralator is the only shipping company I...
  2. Pokogirl

    Important Step Towards My Diaper Life

    Today was a big step towards my DL life. I finally bought the diapers I've dreamt of wearing since my childhood. 2009 they used to air the commercial in tv. Still now whenever I see the commercial I feel some kind of urge. Here's the commercial link --> I was potty...
  3. Pokogirl

    Difference between girls and boys diapers

    So, there is a diaper that I've been dying to buy. But the stores nearby only contains the boys version of the diaper. Until now the diapers I've worn didn't have any specific gender recommendation. What's the difference? Both look pretty same to be honest. Any harm in buying the boys...
  4. Pokogirl

    Mamy Poko Pants XXL

    So, I've finally used up all my diapers & now it's time for diaper some diaper shopping. The choices I get here is very limited. Good adult diapers are rare. So, I mostly wear baby diapers & am in love with them. Also I don't have the guts to buy adult diapers. I have 26 waist & can fit into...
  5. Pokogirl

    Buying and Wearing Baby Diapers

    So,who wears baby diapers here? I have always wanted to try wearing baby diapers. I have decided to buy some. But I'm unsure which one. I know there are various kinds like pull-ups,pants style,regular disposable ones etc. (I'm actually not that knowledgable about diapers) Also the sizes matter...
  6. G

    Anybody have the brand new goodnites for boys?

    So, I am back on ADISC after a very long time, I was on here back when I believe they had like a teen or kid section (anybody who was on here for a long time knows what I am talking about). But anyways, does anybody have like a pack of the brand new goodnites that just came out that I could buy...
  7. T

    First time buying diapers! Advice and suggestions?

    Hey everyone! Next week I plan on purchasing my first pair of real diapers (I've always used goodnites) I need to use Amazon because with Amazon prime I'm guaranteed to have it in 2 days. First, ive limited myself to 3 diapers, either I'm going to get: -Abena Abri Form Plastic Backed -Molicare...
  8. R

    I Finally Bought My First Nappies

    So, yeah. I finally did it, I bought my first real nappies today. I just walked into Boots, picked out a package (Depend Absorbent Underwear For Men - Super S/M, to be precise). I kept them in my messenger bag the whole day at college. I'm wearing my first one right now - wet ;) - and it feels...
  9. kashi

    Study Abroad

    So in about two months I will be leaving from the U.S. to study abroad in Akita Japan for about six months Aug-Dec. I am very much looking for tips tricks and advice in regards to this venture as it will be a first for me on many levels. This will be the furthest I've ever been away from home...
  10. P

    Does anyone actually enjoy buying Diapers?

    I know this sounds a bit strange but I've found that lately I'm actually enjoying buying diapers and pads. Maybe it's some sort of exhibitionist thing although I've never had any tendencies like that. It's not like I run around making it obvious that I'm wearing one but some how it seems like...
  11. Kiwi_Sin

    Buying in South Africa

    I see there was a post in 2012 in where to buy in South Africa, and now since that post has closed, I was wondering the users of that post may be able to help me. I am going to south africa for a month in Feb/Mar 2014. we are starting in JNB heading to CPT and Oudtshoorn, on to Kimberley and...
  12. U

    Best Diapers to Buy

    I have only recently started to buy diapers and wanted to know where the best kind of diapers to buy at stores (since I can't have them shipped to my house). I weight around 160 (more muscle than fat) roughly 32 inch waist. I was thinking about getting xl goodnites. I am open to any...
  13. T

    To buy or not to buy?

    So I bought some attends classic poly briefs from my local med store and this cute girl behind the cashier counter at a table gave me a funny look, smiled and continued reading her magazine while the cashier was finishing my purchase. Then I went back and bought 2 more bags A few days later...
  14. M

    Noticing someone else

    I always see threads about someone noticing us wearing diapers, or a time where someone gave us a strange look. What I was wondering is, has anyone ever seen someone else wearing a diaper? I'm not talking about little kids, I mean adults or teenagers. I have only ever seen a woman in her late...
  15. M

    Buying Diapers Regularly

    I've been buying diapers for about a year or so now, and it's pretty much become completely routine in my eyes. I was riding to Walgreens one day, and the thought hit me that the first time I went out to buy diapers I was so nervous(would the cashier say something, do I have enough money on me...
  16. EmoCowMoo

    purchasing pampers size 7

    In my town, the only place that would ever sell Pampers size 7 was Walgreens, which is where I used to buy them, but as of last August, they stopped selling size 7, which completely sucks. No other freakin grocery store, walmart, or k-mart in my town sold them, soooo stupid. So as of the...
  17. Anonimousdl

    buying tips

    recently I have had so many failed attempts at buying where I get there and its really busy or I just bottle it and dont end up getting any. I get so nervous my question is how can I become more confident and actually get some diapers?
  18. Rocky

    Getting first pack... in the middle of a blizzard!

    Hey guys. I'm just about to go buy my first pack of diapers. I'm home alone this week and a friend said she'd help me buy them. The only thing is that it's a blizzard right now... but at least that should mean it won't be busy! So any interesting stories about weather when you were buying any packs?
  19. Anonimousdl

    best time to buy?

    I just wanted to know what day of the week is the best time to buy , and what time of day is best time to buy diapers?
  20. R

    Finally able to buy AB things

    After finishing my first semester in college my mom finally let me take the car to my college campus and she gave the title to me, because of this I've finally starting buying more than just a few depends now and then. :smile: So far i bought some depends which I've been using 24/7 since...