1. LimeBloodedNoir


    Do you guys feel good if you were in males business wear/business casual while diapered? I dont know if im trans or not, but I LOVE males business clothes! I have really been experimenting with my gender, and Im thinking about binding! THEN I thought about being diapered in a business atire...
  2. lilSky

    Popup Idea

    Just a thought just want community input. A Popup location that caters to ABDLs, DiaperFurs, Furies, DDLGs, Littles, Biggs, etc. Private for discretion, welcoming to business and individuals that cater to the community types. Locations picked from a massive online poll. The goal: Give us all a...
  3. captainpollution

    Great business idea

    I went to the YMCA by my house yesterday and a great idea dawned on me. Someone needs to start up an AB/DL/IC friendly recreational center. First, there would ideally be a fully operational fitness/exercise facility. Some companies advertise their business as 'judgment free; what a crock...