1. BabyLottie

    New babygirl from France

    Hi everyone, I guess with this introduction you will know everything about me, more than my family ... the magic of Internet. :educate: So I am 32 and it's been just a few weeks since I think I am actually a baby-or-very-little-girl. That's why I am here obviously.:sweatdrop: A few years ago...
  2. Tylexon


    Well.... Seem's I have an account here for a little while but never got around to posting anything. So um Hi! Not much to say about me really, I'm a little/teen diaper fur, at the moment I'm a grey bunny that just wants to get along in this big world. Anyone want to know anything about me...
  3. CrinkleKat

    Some of my Artwork (Please be Gentle!!)

    Diaper Art? Hey guys! I wasn't sure where exactly to post this stuff, but I figured that this was the most appropriate place. It's just some crinkle art I'd been working on (though truthfully I finished it some time ago) and figured I'd spread the wealth. Hope you guys enjoy!