1. SimCo

    How do I Get a HUGE Mess?

    If you don't like messing threads, read no further. Like most members of this forum, I seldom mess my diaper due to the inconvenience of the immediate and thorough cleanup required after. However, nothing quite makes me feel like a little boy in need of diapers like making a big mess in my...
  2. Hyperlitegreen

    M4 Abena Xplus under straight fit jeans or loose fit jeans????

    Hey guys! Is wearing loose fit jeans over Xplus Abena diapers a better choice than straight fit jeans in terms of comfort? It seems if the seat area of the loose fit jeans are larger, then people might see you have a bigger bulge or hiding something in your pants. Or, if I use the...
  3. kalynnharvey

    Layering diapers? PLZ HELP!!

    I don't have the thickest diapers out there. I have a few walgreens certainty briefs and some first quality briefs. How many should i wear altogether to make me feel very comfortable? I don't wet. I like the bulky feeling. Whats the max recommended wearing at once?
  4. PeeDiapers

    Best Diapers

    I only have access to a few brands of diapers, and one is a protective underwear. Out of these brands, which ones are best? Huggies, Surecare (protective underwear), Depends, Luvs, and Huggies Cool Alert. By best I mean: *Big Bulge when wet *Holds most *Works well