1. Goodnites11

    Bug Report Can't clear reputation notification (round 2)

    I know this was posted a week ago by someone else, but I'm having the same issue where I can't clear a reputation notification. Nor can I see what the comment is or which post it's from...
  2. Kid

    Forums To Exclude From View

    Just a general note to those that exclude certain forums. I had to reset my preferences.
  3. betagame

    fixing the wiki article discussion | cant post in there/no replys/posting

    Its a DISCUSSION thread... not a "check out my wiki article" thread almost nobody can post in there, and i cant get feedback about my wiki articles. i cant even post in there :frown::frown: Edit: i bet theres about 7 people that can post in that thread[people can makes threads, NO REPLYS