1. D

    Your favorite cheap diaper?

    I can't pick one because there's 2 of which I really enjoy: EasySlip - this one is fairly new (I guess) on the market. It's a classic all-white diaper with plastic backing. What I really like about this diaper is the feel of the plastic, it's very similar to those 90's pampers. The tapes have...
  2. G

    Updating computer hardware on a limited budget

    Good morning! I want to mention before I start that I am aware there are perhaps more appropriate forums to post this particular question on, but I feel a stronger connection to this community and feel this is a more supportive and less judgmental one. So here it goes. I am currently a student...
  3. Scaramouche

    Budget Diapers

    Maybe this store is overlooked in the US - Dollar General has their own brand. Very cheap, but I'm sure the absorbency leaves a little to be desired. DG Baby Mega Diaper Size 6 - 40ct - Diapers & Wipes - Dollar General Also adult pull ups: DG Health Protective Underwear for Men & Women -...
  4. betagame

    Air Freshener to cover up smells

    What air freshener will work out for me i need a cheep way to cover up odors like pee because it smells SOOOOOOOO bad sometimes B/c of the people in my room But still its smells bad even when i air out, my parents are allergic to certain kinds what kind should i get??? i have a budget $3-6...