1. L

    Andy's introduction! yey!

    I am Andy. I am a introvert and partially a extrovert. I like to go for walks and take pictures of things that appear most interesting to me; such as gardens, plants, old cars, or animals. I like to go to coffee shops and start conversations about inspiration, creativity, nature, social aspects...
  2. Angellothefox

    Angellothefox hello I am new here

    Hello I am new here I am a ABDL and I consider myself a babyfur. How I see it they are 2 types of babyfur 1 adult form pretending to be a cub, the other is a babyfur cub but I am getting off topic. I live in the United Kingdom in Leeds you can see my age. Even though I put ABDL I consider...
  3. Brustkle

    Hello from Scotland a fellow brony and furry

    I live in Arbroath in scotland [Removed] And I suffer stress incontinence due to my Asbergers syndrome :/ Am allso a furry and a brony
  4. Ruslan

    Hi :)

    Hello...I just turned 18 yesterday and my friend told me about this site so i thought, why not!. I am not good at introductions so i am just going to cover the basics. I do not wear diapers and i am not necessarily into the baby stuff like bottles and such. When i can i would like to wear...
  5. A

    Mormon Pony Confused and Scared

    Well... Wow, yeah, big step for me, making an ADISC account'n all. Just a week after wearing my first real one, too. Anyways, I'm a brony (in case it wasn't obvious enough), and I absolutely love engineering and physics and stuff. Like crazy. I can give long lectures on string theory, general...